January 24, 2014

TDCJ’s Offender Grievance Program

TDCJSealFrom: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

An effective grievance program extends far beyond the staff of the grievance department. It involves an ongoing commitment by both staff and offenders at every facility to solve problems. The grievance program also provides a variety of supportive and protective functions by giving the offender an alternative to confrontation and an outlet for frustration and aggression. The program offers the offender a less formal alternative to litigation, thus saving taxpayers the cost of defending the agency in court. Grievances, when taken collectively, provide a wealth of insight into the daily operations of each unit that is helpful in maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and offenders.

The current offender grievance process facilitates problem resolution at two distinct administrative levels. The first, commonly referred to as Step 1, allows the Warden to identify and resolve issues at the unit level. The second level, known as Step 2, affords an offender the opportunity to appeal the Warden’s decision. Step 2 grievances are sent off the unit to the Central Grievance Office in Huntsville, Texas for
review. Once the two-step process has been completed, the offender’s administrative remedies within TDCJ have been exhausted.

During Fiscal Year 2012 Texas offenders located in TDCJ units across the state filed a combined 216,258 Step 1 and Step 2 grievances, which represents an increase from the previous fiscal year. Approximately 26% of all Step 1 grievances were appealed to the second step, indicating that effective problem resolution is occurring at the unit level.

Grievable Issues
√ TDCJ policies and procedures
√ Actions of an employee or another offender
√ Harassment and/or retaliation for use of the
grievance procedure or access to courts
√ Loss or damage of pers
onal property by TDCJ
√ Basic care (things that TDCJ has control over)

Non-Grievable Issues
x State or Federal Laws
x Parole decisions
x Time-served credit disputes
x Matters for which other formal appeal
mechanisms exist
x Any matter beyond the control of the Agency

Remedies which are available through the Grievance Procedures
√ Restitution of property, either monetary or
√ Change of policy, procedures, rule, or practice;
√ Corrections of records;
√ Other relief, as appropriate

Remedies which are not available through the Grievance Procedure
x Requests for disciplinary
action against employees.
x Requests for consequential or punitive damages

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August 22, 2013

* Have a loved one in Jail, Prison or Immigration Detention Center or Youth Corrections center ????

National Corrections Oversight Coalition


                                                                     INTELLIGENCE FOR CORRECTIONS

NOTICE : Inquiries, Questions, Comments Corrections Consulting Advisories, please contact us at Jimmyferguson86@gmail.com or 409.356.4148




 Do you have a loved one in Jail, Prison or in a Immigration Detention Center, Youth Detention Facility??? or Correctional institutes that has the authority to detain indiviuduals. Have they been abused, assaulted, beaten, raped or even attempted to be murdered or murdered,??

{Is your loved one in a “Security Threat Group”  or “Gang”and wants out ,but is, (AFRAID.??}

Did you also know that the Federal Government is & has labeled these “Gangs” as “Homegrown Terrorist” under The Revised Patriot Act & they can & will be held in custody indefinitely????

If you have answered ” YES” to any of the questions listed above,

Please “DO NOT” hesitate to contact our offices at (409.356.4148) State that you would like to file a complaint or you may File a offender letter complaint by e-mail to the Founder/Executive Director’s Office  (jimmyferguson86@gmail.com) or if you choose you can send the complaint by mail to: Attention Founder/Eexecutive Director s Office Jim W. Ferguson II  Central Headqaurters 1428 23rd St. Ave. N. Suite # 2 Galveston Texas 77550






  • If you are ever in the area of Galveston, Texas and you would love to see the inner workings of a organization or you would like to have coffee with our Founder/Executive Director or a member of our staff you can hit us up (call) and and get a confirmation and we’ll coffee up and talk about what is going on in your world.
  • NCOC strives to maintain EXCELLENCE and be on the forefront of advocacy and protection on behalf of offenders confined in facilities across the United States.

   We are a very concerned group of organizations that is very concerned about the well-being of offenders . We are Offender Families, Friends, Concerned Citizens, we are also Former Prisoners, Veterans, Former Gaurds/Officers,Former Gang Members Former Officials, Paralegals,/Legal Assistants, Producers, Investigating Journalists, Civil Rights Activists & Mothers, Fathers. Our primary objective is the offenders (Safety, Security & Their Mental Well being) We only want a even balance in the playing field in Corrections. 



  • We are very aggressive, dedicated & above all else Loyal.  We are (GENERATION X ) We will always question our government , We “weekly” file FOIA Freedom of Information Act Requests, from Courts , Police Agencies, Federal Agencies , United Nations  & Social/Civil Organizations,  We monitor our government & its branches .
  • As a paralegal/legal assistant I understand the law very well and specialize in “only”civil law. I know for fact from my research in caselaw & legal education that all offenders have personal unaliebable Constitutional Rights which is to be    
  • “free” from harm  & also from future harm. See:(Hellings v. McKinney 509 U.S. 25,33 (1993) That is the privilege we as Americans have even if you are imprisoned, confined, detained or institutionalized.
  •  IV          
  •  I continually inform NCOC staff about the abuse in jail & prison in our meetings. All “New” approved members  are required to take (1) JDI Webinar a month.
  •  The issue I face everyday, is when I read a offender letter that has a young man or woman being sexually assaulted  or beaten it “infuriates” me and motivates me to push & smash even harder!!
  • We DO NOT tolerate “predators”  these are officers/officials who manipulate & prey on youngsters or children in jail or prison.
  • NCOC has put numerous officials/officers on probation/administrative

  • leave,terminated, &/or arrested/criminally charged. We have forced High Ranking officials to retire or be charged with a misdemeanor/felony crime.

 (1) NOTE: When officials are reprimanded &/or placed on probation and do not successfully complete the given disciplinary offenses,

The violators retirement/savings benefits or pension are jeopardized by their illegal actions.When a offender files a Civil Rights, “STATE OR FEDERAL LAWSUIT” against a defendant namely the Warden, Unit Staff (unit employees) At the end of court the Judge will issue a “Final Judgement”, Research Garnishment of Wages



Our Victories 2007- to Present 2014     96% Effective

                              Revised 1/5/14 (11:43) am. / 7 pm Reviewed 412 Files / Reviewed 415 Files / Revised 2/23/14

Revised. 5/1 /14  6:12 pm

                              Reviewed ALL Files (315) 9/2/14 (42) Legal Files Approximate Time 3 Hrs. 45 mins

Revision 9/5/14 5-7 am,  Reviewed Unit/Complaint & Compliance Files (96) 4 pm to 7 pm, Reviewed 145 files (12) Administrative Files  9/25/14  9am-11am




Specific “NAMED”officers/officials were escorted to the wardens office) of a STATE or FEDERAL INSTITUTION & WAS CRIMINALLY CHARGED. The statistics were gathered through “Internal Investigations,Record/Book Keeping & FOIA” requests written to government  agencies.


REVISED 8/21/14 2:45 PM

 NCOC has initiated &/or investigated (281) general complaints

(4)Senior Wardens were placed under Investigation due to stealing State Property.)

(167) grievances,medical complaints

(44)(CRIPA/Civil Rights of institutionalized Persons Act Violations

(1) Obstruction of Justice

(74) LIDs life in danger

(48) sexual assaults,{referred to (PREA) legislation Prison Rape Elimination Act/JDI Just Detention International}

(11) Gang Wars,

(15) Race Riots

(39) Excessive use of necessary use of force

(4)Attempted Murders (9) Capital Murders

(13) Deaths in Custody

(21) Officer Assault on a Inmate with a attempt to degrade or injure

(23)Simple Battery/Assaults(

(16) Aggravated Assault with intent to Injure

(17) Conspiracies exposed on numerous facilities in the United States, Namely: TEXAS/CALIFORNIA/FLORIDA

(167)Denial of Medical Treatment

(119) Denial of Medications

(2) Medical Reprieves released due to Terminal Illness.

NCOC Records indicate (34) officers were put on Administrative Leave due to Pending Investigation (13 ) Placed on Probation, (8)Demoted , (12)Terminated,(5)escorted off the facility to be arrested/terminated

(14) Title II Violations Medical Disability Complaints To United States Department of Justice (Disability Rights Section) (Jeanine Wordon Deputy Chief Disability Right Section/Civil Right Section. (2008-2014)

On March 10 2010 the DOJ  published a advanced Notice of the Proposed Rulemaking Process seeking public comment on all the commissions proposed standards as well as specific questions asked by the DOJ . It is publically accessiable at http://www.regulations.gov, Docket ID No. DOJ-OAG -2010-0001.(Office of the Attorney General) The U.S.DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE posted the Founders/Executive Directors letter  & was considered during the commissions rulemaking process.

Recorded in (www.regulations. gov)


     Officials/Officers cannot  (Deliberate Indifferance) & will not ignore us or make us goes away.We will not run (We can do it the easy way or hard way the choice is (YOURS) we have all the time in the world, WE HAVE THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT &/ or MEDIA at our disposal.

We do not care about money (although we need it to pursue your complaints),you cannot bribe us or manipulate us or give us gifts to ignore a situation where a human being is concerned. We are on a very strict time frame with a “Very Important Mission” to secure the safety & security of offenders & pay retribution(“legally”) to corrupt officials/officers. We EXPOSE CORRUPTION & COVER-UPs, we will write articles ABOUT THE OFFICER/OFFICIAL WHO WAS INVOLVED, AIR IT ON KPFT 90.1 ,PUT IT ON THE INTERNET TO GO VIRAL !!


(That’s a Promise)







(2.) All correspondence are REQUIRED to state the WHO,WHAT,WHEN,WHERE,HOW & WHY 

  (Who)  was is it that violated your Protected Constitutional RIghts or assaulted you?

  (What)  happened please describe in detail what happened make sure you get names,dates times, witness,  documentation grievences, court papers, parole papers, or anything relevent to your complaint/case.

 (When) It Happened, make sure you note what time it was, what day it was, what year , any past references, or any references of dates you think could help in your complaint/case

 (Where)  it happened, was you in your cell, in the dayroom , chow hall or officers dining hall ,Offender dining room (chow hall) ,outside recreation, we must have the location in the event that it may have been recorded /videotaped and we may be able to assist in the prosecution.

 (How) did it happened give the situations detail as much as possible, do not assume YOU MUST HAVE FACTS.

 (Why)  did it happen, give your best reasoning, if you believe strongly that a certain official / offender was involved but not caught or have reason to believe in another matter, please explain in detail


                                                           ( Rules & Regulations)

(1.) All offenders confined in a institution/facility is required to “EXHAUSTION OF ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDIES ” which is the unit grievence procedure before filing a formal complaint with NCOC, 

(2.) All correspondence are REQUIRED to state the WHO,WHAT,WHEN,WHERE,HOW & WHY 

(3.)All complaints must be typed or written legibly

(4.)Any correspondence received that does not meet these requirements or written standards will be returned to correct, you may then re-submit the information &/or complaint.

(5.)All correspondence /information recieved by NCOC Central Headqaurters/KPFT 90.1 becomes the property of NCOC & KPFT 90.1 or that home &/or office in the United States.

(6.)  (All) correspondence received must state the senders full name ,address, number, cell block , housing.

(7) All new approved members are required to take (1) JDI webinar a month.

(8) All complaints filed by family members must have the offenders signature.

(9) All medical complaints are required to have the current HIPPA form sighned & placed in the offenders medical file. (Must be filed every 6 months/ Contact Unit Medical Department)

(10) ALL staff/members will act professionally when conducting investigations or  representing NCOC.

(11) NCOC staff/members are required to commit to a minimum of 2 hours a day.

(12) All staff/members are prohibited from giving any legal advice to clients.

(13) NCOC staff are prohibited from using profanity when conversing with officials/officers, conducting investigations or any language that could reflect poorly on the organization as a whole.

(14) All staff/members are required to maintain a monthly membership of $5 a month or $65 a year (includes processing fees)

 ***********  NOTICE ************

Prison Rape Elimination Act has created the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission is charged with addressing national standards on sexual assault/rape which is a violation of the 8th Ammendment of the Constitution of the United States & requires Jails, Prisons , Immigration, Juvenile Detention Facilities, (PUBLIC & PRIVATE) to adopt a “ZERO TOLERANCE” approach to this form of abuse, this has created a review panel which will hold annual public hearings disclosing the worst/best unit facilities which are in compliance, failure to comply with federal law will result in a significant loss of federal funding. Additionally conflicting testimony against the directors of the prison facility and introducing conflicting evidence may result in the denial of facilities federal funding, This is where NCOC comes in, we collect Data/Information on sexual Assaults and present

this information with supporting evidence to the PREA Commission. The Founder/Executive Director Jim W. Ferguson II will be testifying in front of the Commission /U.S. Congress in the near future. Specific dates for a Congressional Testimony are unavailable at this time.


All pages of this website is FEDERALLY PROTECTED under the Copyright & Trademark Laws/Rights. All information is the property of the Founder/Executive Director Jim W. Ferguson II, The opinions, reviews, records, , statistics, fact finding investigations/ records or any other data or information is strictly for information, advisory & consultation purposes only. NCOC is not responsible for any incorrect, incomplete information. NCOC does not take any responsibility for violations of user/reviews of this site. NCOC STRICTLY REVIEWS ALL /INFORMATION/DATA FOR INACCURACIES 






       National Corrections Oversight Coalition

                           Reg’d OJP/DOJ                            

                              All RIGHTS RESERVED                           


                     COPYRIGHT © 2014 Jim W. Ferguson II                   

September 30, 2014

Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars

Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars.

August 23, 2014

Key requirements for the effective monitoring of correctional & Detention facilities

August 18, 2014

Have a loved one in Jail,Prison,Immigration Centers or Youth Corrections ?

Mr. Jim W.Ferguson II Founder/Director of National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg'd OJP/DOJ:

Originally posted on National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg'd OJP/DOJ:

     Do you have a loved one in Jail, Prison or in a Immigration Detention Center, Youth Correction Facility??? Have they been abused, assaulted, beaten, raped or even attempted to be murdered or murdered,

{Is your loved one in a “Security Threat Group”  or “Gang”and wants out ,but is AFRAID.}

Did you also know that the Federal Government is & has labeled these “Gangs” as “Homegrown Terrorist” under The Revised Patriot Act & they can & will be held in custody indefinitely????

If you have answered ” yes” to any of the questions listed here,

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices at (409.356.4148 or you can File a offender letter complaint by e-mail to the Founder/Directors Office is  jimmyferguson86@gmail.com.( BE ADVISED PLEASE READ THE RULES & REGULATIONS/MEMBERSHIP FEES/ NOTICE: YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF NCOC TO RECIEVE ASSITANCE FROM THIS ORGANIZATION.. ((NO EXCEPTIONS))

  • If you are…

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August 10, 2014

Crime & Prison — Quotes

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

Great quotations about crime and prisons embellish our history and our culture. Here are a few:

  • The law is like a serpent. It bites the feet which have no shoes on. Bishop Oscar Romero, who was murdered in El Salvador in 1980.
  • While there is a lower class I am in it, while there is a criminal element I am of it; while there is a soul in prison, I am not free. Eugene V[ictor] Debs 1855-1926
  • The level of civilization in a society can be measured by entering its prisons. Alexis Charles Henri Maurice Clerel de Tocqueville.
  • Poverty is the mother of crime Marcus Aurelius 121-180
  • All crime is a kind of disease and should be treated as such.  Mahatma Gandhi
  • Distrust everyone in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900
  • A quote from Oscar Wilde 1854-1900
  •                        The vilest deeds like poison weeds
  •                        Bloom…

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August 10, 2014

Helping Inmates in Prison

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

I’m not very good at raising money. It’s kind of embarrassing from me to ask for money for any cause. But on the other hand, people ask me what they can do to help people in prison. It isn’t practical for them to become official volunteers in prison, but they’d still like to do something.

An educational bursary is a perfect idea.

The Ed Griffin Educational Bursary

A man in a Fraser Valley prison struggles to complete his degree. It’s part of his correctional plan that he finish, but there’s no money in the system to pay for courses. A female inmate wants to become a drug and alcohol counselor to help others avoid the pitfalls that led her to jail. She just needs a few college courses, but the little money she earns in prison ($6.90 a day) goes for phone calls to stay close to her family. She…

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August 10, 2014

The Visiting Room

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

I received a letter from an inmate I know. He had this to say:

When visitors came to our prison, they found three washrooms that were provided for them. They could change a baby in one of them.

A few weeks ago we got a notice from the deputy warden:

“Access to the visitor washrooms which are located inside the Recreation Building will not long be available for use during Family Events. Any visitors requiring use of a washroom will be escorted to the Principle Entrance. Visitors with infant/toddler children will no long be permitted to change diapers of their children in the Recreation building. They will be escorted to the Principle Entrance. Visitors will be re-processed by the Principle Entrance Staff prior to being permitted back into the Gym area. “

So if a visitor wanted to use a washroom, they had to be escorted back to the principal…

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August 10, 2014

Education is the Proven Way out of Crime

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

Good news. The John Howard Society has granted three inmates portions of the Ed Griffin bursary. The money goes to educational institutions, not to the individuals.

  •  One man is working toward a college degree. He has a long sentence for a serious crime, but prison officials, teachers and the chaplain all agree that he’s a changed man.
  •  Education is a big part of his plan for reform, but the prison system doesn’t pay for any classes beyond grade twelve.
  •  The second man wants to take his first university course. He’s almost finished getting his Dogwood diploma (Highest high school diploma)
  •  The third man is working toward a PhD in education. He’s on parole now with another year to go before he’s finished his sentence. Working toward a doctorate in any subject is a challenge in a prison setting or in a parole setting.

I’m very happy that something I did…

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August 10, 2014

Prison Negativity

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

During the time I taught in prison, about ten men asked me to be their citizen representative at their parole hearing. I did it because nobody else would, but I wasn’t the right person. I didn’t have access to the files that the parole board had. I didn’t see the letters for and against an inmate.

What surprised me was how negative these hearings were. I never – repeat never – heard one positive thing about a man. And everyone I represented had tremendous talent. The parole hearing was not an adversarial discussion, like a trial. No one spoke for the inmate, except an uninformed citizen –me. The parole board members got a handsome per diem, the prison staff made a good salary. I didn’t make anything. If a man’s mother was in the audience, they might acknowledge her, but not give her a chance to speak.

One hearing stands…

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August 10, 2014


Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

A few years ago, when I taught in prison, I came home one time and wrote down my feelings. I’m not sure my ideas of how to deal with crows are correct. What do you think?


by Ed Griffin

800 words

I teach a course in creative writing at Matsqui prison. Week after week I drive forty-five minutes into the country to the prison. As I walk to the gate, I notice several crows flying back and forth across the two, razor-wired fences. The crows screech at me as they perch on the fences. What are they trying to tell me? Then suddenly they fly deeper into the prison grounds.

I go into the guard house and chat with the guards. Most of them are good human beings and we talk about the weather or we laugh at my cheap briefcase which I have to pound so it will…

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August 10, 2014

Education is the Proven Way out of Crime.

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

I started teaching in a Canadian prison in the early nineties. I met a few inmates who had been in the prison’s college program in the eighties. All of them were changed people, men and women. Maybe there were some failures, but I never met any. These people had studied literature and science and math, all the usual programs of a university degree. The instructors came from a near-by university, Simon Fraser University. I never saw the program in action, but I learned about it from the students and from comments made by administration.

  •             Sarah seemed to know who she was after taking the program. She was no longer a failure, a drug addict, but she was a proud woman who was ready to write and to teach at a high school level. While she was in college, she stayed in the prison’s infirmary in this all-male prison.
  •            …

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August 10, 2014

Inmates Should Form a Union

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

Inmates should form a union.

Say that line and all manner of objections will arise. “Criminals should not say how they will live their punishment.” “This is a terrible idea – Guards and staff are in charge of the prison, not a bunch of illiterate scum bags.” On and on.

Stop a minute. Think of the idea. Recall the famous line: “Everything that rises, must converge.” It’s the title of the book Flannery O’Connor was working on when she died. But it has a philosophical meaning also – people or a group of people who rise up will converge or meet with the very people who opposed them. If a group of convicts struggle to change the rules they live under, they may or may not succeed. But they will learn what the staff, the guards, are like and they will come to respect them, even if they don’t agree…

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August 10, 2014

The Federal Prison Chow Hall

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

Today we have a guest blog from an inmate in a US federal prison in California.

A Guide to Dining in the Federal Bureau of Prisons

By Christopher

While the days of gruel in a tin cup have long gone by for inmates confined in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, no one imprisoned in today’s facilities will accuse their captors of providing a five-star dining experience, either. Most federal prisoners will agree that a key component of happiness behind bars is ensuring that the food they eat is close to the latter category. Napoleon once said, “An army marches on its stomach.” A similar adage applies to prison: a well-fed prisoner is a happy prisoner.

Meals Supplied by the Federal Bureau of Prisons: The Chow Hall

Most general population BOP (Bureau of Prisons) facilities serve three meals a day in a dedicated cafeteria-type area (the “chow hall” in prison lingo)…

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August 10, 2014


Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

I’m honored to have one of my books banned, Delaney’s Hope. I join a prestigious group of people who have had their books banned. The Grapes of Wrath, Green Eggs and Ham, Brave New World, Lolita, etc. See the whole list here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_books_banned_by_governments

Two days after I taught a class in prison, I received a call from the prison authorities. “You’re out. Turn in your badge,” the deputy warden said in her harshest of tones. “Your book tells of the rape and murder of a young woman.”

Yes, it does, but nowhere does it approve of such an action. I pointed that out to the friendly deputy warden, but she wasn’t impressed. So I said, “I appeal this decision.”

At the appeal hearing, the acting warden quickly moved away from the initial complaint and said that I brought in things without clearing them with the administration. Yes, I…

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August 10, 2014

A Failure

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

I set up a bursary to help inmates with further education. I understood that education was the proven way out of crime. But some men and women had already obtained a high school diploma, so the prison system would do nothing for them. And there were others who just wanted to take a college course in a subject they were interested in, high school diploma or not.

I moved carefully at the beginning. It would be better if the donations were handled by a trusted group that could issue a tax receipt to people. I talked to the John Howard Society and they agreed to sponsor this effort. http://www.edgriffin.net/bursary.html/

Now comes the failure. I’m not out in the streets promoting this bursary. Yes, I mention it now and then in this blog, but I don’t contact other businesses, or certain charities or rich individuals. Why not?

Maybe I’m afraid of…

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August 10, 2014


Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

Once a Priest – A Memoir from Author Ed Griffin
***** 99 cents from July 8-11, 2014 ****

In 1965 a young priest had a choice to make. Stand by his convictions and participate in a march in Selma, Alabama or tread softly and abide by the orders from his superiors? Ed Griffin has spent his life on the outside, waging a war against social injustices. From marching with Dr. King, and losing his parish, to standing up for his beliefs and leaving the priesthood, to spending twenty years as a volunteer writing teacher inside one of the toughest prisons in Western Canada, Griffin has always been a man willing to stand up for what he believes in. He’s been a priest, a politician, a husband, a father, and a lifelong advocate championing against social injustices.
Once A Priest is his story.

Editorial Reviews:
The REAL Hero’s…

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