We are pleased to announce our new affiliation with BlogTalk Radio!  This provides us with a “virtual switchboard” giving us 50 incoming phone lines!!  We can’t possibly air 50 calls in an hour, but the re-dial button will finally get a break and the majority won’t have to hit a busy signal!  We are looking for this to be a great benefit for our listeners!  Also, the Chat-Room interface with BlogTalk is much easier, so we invite you to join the conversation and chat with other listeners as you are waiting to dial in or get on the air!

We will announce when the phone lines are open, and begin taking calls when we play the break song.  Please do not call  in before we announce that we are taking calls.  The “board” will be cleared before we start taking them and if you’ve dialed in early, your call will be dropped and you’ll have to dial again!

The Prison Show Online Radio by The Prison Show | Blog Talk Radio.

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