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by Kenny Zulu Whitmore

Revolutionary greetings, my people.

Prison is a lonely, dark, cruel reality where you immediately become trapped in a time warp on one of the many modern day plantations that have sprung up like trees across America.

Rape in prison is a part of the fabric as is rotten, evil, racist corrections officers, or COs. One of America’s taboos right up with “There are no political prisoners or torture in America’s prisons.” Rape and the threat of rape by these COs is an act of sexual torture that leaves more mental scars than physical, and the victim of this violent act is no less a victim than if the act was committed out in society.

Kenny Zulu Whitmore afro back when
Kenny Zulu Whitmore back in the day

In 2008, shortly after Hurricane Gustav ripped through several of Louisiana’s 64 parishes, a brutal sexual assault was being carried out by a sadistic…

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