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Kevin Rashid Johnson blows the whistle
On October 21, 2013, I visited Kevin Rashid Johnson. He is being held in solitary in an administrative segregation unit in AmarilloTexas. This was his first visit in three years.
The young gifted artist and writer said when asked if he wanted to leave Texas; “100% yes. This is the worst brutality I have ever seen, but right now I need to stay so we can shine a white hot spotlight on the conditions here.
The very next day on October 22, 2013, Christopher Woolverton, an inmate in the cell next to Rashid was pepper-sprayed and left to die.
Prison Radio has joined a burgeoning campaign of support for Kevin Rashid Johnson, a courageous young man whose art lifts the spirits of so many despite the intolerable cruelty he and others face.

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