I am the Founder/Director of the National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d with the Office of Justice Programs, United States Department of Justice, our administration files complaints on behalf of offenders confined in the corrections system in the United States, We have threatened numerous lawsuits against Directors of these institutions along with the,Wardens, Majors, Captains, Leutinentes, We “DEMAND” resolution of the situation in a timely manner, we have a “(ZERO TOLERANCE)” policy towards abuse of anyone confined in a institution, especially “Youth Detention Facilities” We have had numerous officers/officials terminated, put on probation, forced to retire or escorted off the facility. Our org. has filed numerous complaints to Atty Generals, Inspector Generals Office, Internal Affairs Office, who assign investigators to investigate the allegations of our complaints of criminal activity,(Domestic National Security Threat Groups/Gang Activity), abuse, sexual assault, or any violation of administrative policy or institutional guidelines. Furthermore, we contact Congress/Legislation, State & Federal Senators & Representatives who are the leaders in this country. As a consultant’s to the Local, State & Federal Govt. We encounter issues that are saddening & heartbreaking, If you have a loved one who is being abused please contact us “immediatley” I am also a journalist/producer at KPFT 90.1(free speech radio station) in Houston Texas,I write articles, I discuss corruption,conspiracies, corrections & officers who are the “predators” who rape offenders, and all sorts of matters pertaining to corrections, all issues that come across our desk’s will be investigated in a timely manner or within 24 Hrs if it is a “Life Endangerment “DO NOT HESITATE” to contact us, if you have any reason to believe your loved one is being abused, please know & understand this, we do not tolerate ignorance, fabrications of statements or falsification of a government record, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who violate the law. We are Faster, Stronger, Harder & Powerful, we are here & we will not go away, nor can you intimidate us, you cannot bribe us with gifts or money to look away or ignore the situation. We are securing the safety of peoples lives (human beings) we DO NOT deviate or circumvent our rules and regulations or policies. We have codes & principles we work and live by. In our weekly meetings that are “RESTRICTED & CONFIDENTIAL” we discuss issues of retribution (legally) & exposing corrupt, dirty officials or officers, we will break you down because we do not empathize or sympathize with these individuals, by your ignorance & stupidity you have become a target, we will discuss you over the air or internet and place you on the “WORST OFFENDERS LIST” We create files on these individuals & turn the Intelligence Information over to the appropriate authority in the presiding jurisdiction. The govt. records our Intelligence/Information as “HIGHLY VALUABLE” therefore being “Truthful & Honest” in the event we are subpeonae’d to court for deposition as a witness or for any reason the courts may need our assistance, always remember this we have government & media behind us, we do not start wars, we end them. So if you think you can trick us or beat us “think again,”” WE ARE WATCHING YOU”” !!!
Everyone who reads this,(that means “YOU” reading this) please take a objectionable look at what is going on around you, are you in jail, prison or have you been in jail or prison, have a loved one in jail or prison or are you in prison in marriage, we all have problems, it’s how you react & resolve your situation that only matters,you must become a winner, Being a winner is tough,but what does’nt kill you makes you stronger.You only become a loser when you quit or give up,winners are always part of the answer,the loser is always part of the problem, a winner has a program. the loser always has a excuse. the winner says let me do it for you, but the loser always says it’s not my job. the winner sees a answer in every problem, again the loser sees a problem in every answer. last but not least the winner says it may be difficult, but it is possible, the loser says it may be possible, but it is too difficult. PLEASE READ THIS AGAIN !!!
Bragging rights
We have taken the hands of children (Victim)in prison who have been beaten, raped, ridiculed & believed in them and information they told us and created a strategy(transfer to a more secure location,institutional programs,mentors,contacting family,friends, contacting case workers) for resolution to prevent any further harm by the perpetrator, therefore making significant changes in their everyday life, then turn to the perpetrator who now has become the offender, LET ME LET THE WORLD KNOW WHERE NCOC CAME FROM , IT CAME FROM A IDEA I HAD IN PRISON FOR A NARCOTICS CHARGE. SO, THERE IT IS THE FOUNDER IS RECOVERING DRUG ADDICT AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO, I HAVE COME A LONG WAY BABY!!!!!!!