National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg'd OJP DOJ DHS Intelligence for Corrections

     Do you have a loved one in Jail, Prison or in a Immigration Detention Center, Youth Correction Facility??? Have they been abused, assaulted, beaten, raped or even attempted to be murdered or murdered,

{Is your loved one in a “Security Threat Group”  or “Gang”and wants out ,but is AFRAID.}

Did you also know that the Federal Government is & has labeled these “Gangs” as “Homegrown Terrorist” under The Revised Patriot Act & they can & will be held in custody indefinitely????

If you have answered ” yes” to any of the questions listed here,

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices at (409.356.4148 or you can File a offender letter complaint by e-mail to the Founder/Directors Office is BE ADVISED PLEASE READ THE RULES & REGULATIONS/MEMBERSHIP FEES/ NOTICE: YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF NCOC TO RECIEVE ASSITANCE FROM THIS ORGANIZATION.. ((NO EXCEPTIONS))

  • If you are…

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