POSTED 9/9/14    7am   Reaching out to offenders is one our many mission objectives, We have fought and protected young men/women who were being beaten, raped & who were left for dead in their cell, until a officer doing count noticed a lifeless body, We have fought the Klu Klux Klan in New Boston Texas on the Telford Unit,  We have forced high ranking officials to retire or be charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, we have put officers under investigation, probation, terminated, we have put wardens under investigation in 4 states, we have met with Senators,Representative’s , We talk on the radio on KPFT 90.1 in Houston Texas, the Pacifica Foundation, we have written articles about corruption, conspiracies, corrections, the three big C’s, we have had alot of success with the Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice, This organization’s sole mission objective is to secure the safety of offenders whether it be a minor, the elderly, the vulnerable, the weak, the disadvantaged to us all offenders are equally protected at all cost, we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, or any discriminatory language. We (Jimmy Ferguson, James blythe, former Internal Affairs of the former Texas Dept. of Corrections, Melody Ferguson (mother), Jimmy Appleman (father) made a promise when we first built this organization we would have the offenders safety,security, mental health & well being at the top of our list in advocacy policies. Seven years later we look back on this idea that I brought up in (Administrative Segregation for being a threat to the safety & security of officers & offenders & the institution) we looked at the inner core of hundreds of organizations, their rules, regulations, policies, at first this organization was very small, through the years we have made grave mistakes but have learned alot about corrections. Today  we have a Board of Directors, staff and we have office divisions (homes) are being set up all over the State of Texas and the country, although, we are a young organization we have made a impact because we work hard, we are dedicated also because we have family inside the prisons not just in TDCJ  but other states as well. We are funded by the public, generous donations, concerned citizens, families, friends of offenders, former officers, we do not get money from corporations we spend every dollars wisely it is recorded on our website for the world to see, we have nothing to hide, we are here to stay, we cannot be intimidated by any official & we do not ignore situations when it comes to someone life. We are becoming one of the country’s leading advocates for offenders, we offer free tools, hands on training, free organizational resources, networking opportunities unlike any organization in the country or even the world! we  also have internship for individuals to start their training, we equip our staff with all our contacts, we meet with congress members, consultants to the federal government, judges, texas rangers , prison directors, wardens, lawyers, law students, organizational founders and so many other contact’s too many to mention here. We groom, mentor individuals & we place the value of “human life” at the top of our list, then innovation, action & the impact of being a leader & hard work it takes to be in a leadership position and above that working as a team with a team leader which rotates everyday, everyone becomes a leader in this organization, no one is left on the sidelines with NCOC, we bring together community leaders, our staff as a team to solve institutional problems. we have come a long way in seven years and will continue to assist the government in enforcing the Safe Prison initiative alongside with filing complaints disputing the accuracy of  “Institutional Action Reports” filed with the United States Department of Justice and the federal funding the prison facilities are awarded for being in compliance with federal law. In closing this weekly letter you should take a look at our weekly status report on facebook, and do some research on institutional policy,and investigate the perpetrator, find the official employee roster in the prison your either interested in or have a problem with, filing time consuming knowing what to say is the hardest, these 6 words will help you, as a investigator you are required to always be accurate, thorough, concise, you must also be so thorough not overlooking one key piece of evidence, which will be crucial to the district attorney or the internal affairs division, office of inspector general or the agency prosecuting the defendant. correcting mistakes takes time, time you and I do not have. (  We want your feedback )

Respectfully Yours ,

Jimmy Ferguson II

Founder/Executive Director