Social media accounts, banking, online shopping. We all have to keep more passwords than we can count, and that makes it tempting to use passwords that are easy to remember.

But if you have an easy-to-remember password, it’s also simple enough for hackers to figure out what it is, says Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of password management service Dashlane.

“The only solution that can resist the type of attacks that hackers have been able to mount is to have really, really random passwords which are by definition impossible to remember,” he says.

If you don’t believe him, just look at the math. According to Schalit, Dashlane has close to 3 million users, 75% of whom are from the U.S. Shallot says research has shown people only have the ability to remember up to 10 passwords, though users with incredible memories (or if their passwords are very simple) could recall up to…

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