Human Rights Watch | Defending Human Rights Worldwide.


2 thoughts on “Human Rights Watch | Defending Human Rights Worldwide

    1. Hey Ray its always good to hear your voice , most of my life i have looked up to you as a father figure and a great friend. I love you very much and have learned alot by listening to you, and our program “the prison show” i am where i am today is because of you, you have educated me, mentored me, scolded me and been there for me for many years now things are differant, i older, wiser, and a little educated to say the least, i have learned alot about corrections and one day can say i am a expert on corrections but i still learn new things everyday it never stops, i am also a atheist it is the most practical theory i can come up with, because in a god who let the suffering continue, i believe in people and things not of this earth, not religousley love you take care


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