National Association of Distinguished Professionals Selects Jim W. Ferguson II as an Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Online Registry

HOUSTON TX –— Jim W. Ferguson II, Founder and Executive Director of National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d,OJP DOJ has been selected as an Honored Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals.  The selection recognizes Jim W. Ferguson II’s remarkable commitment to excellence in a wide variety of fields which include Corrections, Consulting, Investigations, Government Relations & Advocacy.

Earning his Paralegal degree in specialization in Civil Litigation, his major studies are Legal Research, Evidence, Constitutional Law, Corporations & Partnerships in 2007 at Blackstone Career Institute, & presently works under the authority of Senior Partner Mr. Seth Cortigene at the Cortigene Law Firm in Galveston Texas.

Mr. Ferguson is a member of the State Bar of Texas (Paralegal Division), Member of the National Association of legal Assistants. Jim Ferguson had his training from the School of Hard Knocks & Graduated with Honors. Jim has had strict training from his friend & legal coach the infamous former Watergate trial Attorney Mr. Doug Caddy who has taught him exceptionally well in his legal career,

Jim has education in Media, Producing, Journalism, is a Author and a member of KPFT 90.1 (Free Speech Radio), the Prison Show in Houston Texas, Mr. Ferguson’s highlight of the day is reviewing offender complaints, (Incident Reports) reporting his findings to Congressional (Senate) Criminal Justice Committees, (House of Representatives)State Corrections Committees, National Criminal Justice reference Service, Office of Justice Programs, United States Department of Justice, initiating transfers for Top Priority level 1 Offenders LIDs( Life in Danger) Investigating allegations of Corruption, contacting youth caseworkers & family.

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Mr. Ferguson Attends the (PACT),Public Awareness Corrections Today meetings where he & his staff meet with corrections officials from the Texas Prison System at the Sam Houston State University in Huntsville Texas. the Executive Director, NCOC Staff, Community leaders, concerned citizens meet with the  Executive Director, Deputy Director, wardens, Majors and down the chain of command.

Jim W. Ferguson II founded National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP DOJ (NCOC) in August 2007 as an idea and a way to help offenders who have been beaten, sexually assaulted, (some which were even left for dead in their cells by their attacker) Offenders being denied medical treatment, denied medications helping them get the assistance and help they need.

Most of his time is taken by the organizations newest special project dreamed up by the founder himself which is disputing the allocation of the federally funded grant programs by providing evidence of institutions with a inappropriately high incidents of sexual assaults therefore  effectively holding prison authorities accountable for failure to abide by Local  State & Federal Laws & PREA guidelines.

NCOCs primary objective of offering assistance to offenders in regards to their safety, security, and mental wellbeing in correctionscorrectional facilities working with authorities and inmates alike. Mr. Ferguson provides one on one peer counseling/crisis support, and submitting “complaints, recommendations, Corrections Intelligence Reports” to Local, State & Federal law enforcement agencies & state prison headquarters, Mr. Ferguson had this to say about the success rate of the organization & its programs.

“NCOC has put numerous officials/officers on probation/administrative leave, terminated,. We have forced high ranking officials to retire or be charged with a crime, sometimes we have even filed on inmates. But a majority of submitted complaints to agencies like (OIG) Office of Inspector General of the (TDCJ) Texas Dept of Criminal Justice & Internal Affairs of other state correctional facilities & immigration Centers are against abusive, violent or corrupt officers who are taking bribes from Security Threat Groups (gangs) to overlook certain matters.

Complaints for “Review & Consideration” are Assault, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault, Unecessary Use of Excessive force complaints. If you are employed at a correctional facility or an offender and you sexually assault someone, beat them, intimidate them or coerce them, you will get caught, you will lose your job, you will be charged with a class A felony & you definitely will do some time, that is our commitment & promise to you, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy when it comes to these situations.

Our proven track record is backed by offender letter statements, affidavits & administrative records & Government correspondence “your dirty work can no longer be kept secret by an administration, it is for the World to see who you are and what you have done, You cannot violate & rape someone, beat them unrecognizable, conspire & try to cover it up by fabricating a statement with a government document such as a disciplinary case and think for a minute you are going get away with it, your time will come and we will be waiting for you”

Mr. Ferguson, is a registered Consultant & Colleague of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service which is the information clearinghouse bureau for all of the Office of Justice Programs, US Department Of Justice & files Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from courts, police agencies, federal agencies, the United Nations, and social/civil organizations across the United States .NCOC monitors Americas Corrections Institutes & the Safe Prison Programs.

Additionally, high incidents of sexual assaults undermines the United States Federal Government  by significantly contributing to increased Health, Mental Health & Medical expenditures throughout the nation, raises the risk of Recidivism,Civil Strife, raises the rate of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Depression, Suicide & excaberation of existing Mental Illnesses’s for offenders, former offenders, effects interstate commerce because it increases substantially the costs incurred to administer their prison systems, increases the level of violence directed at offenders, staff inside & outside the jails or prisons.

As a paralegal/legal assistant with 15 years experience who has been in the law-library for two hours or more throughout the week for years reading new case law & opinions from the United States Supreme Court & Appellate courts & understands the law very well, although Jim is prohibited from giving legal advice, he will show you where to find it in the books.

He continuously informs the public, NCOC Staff  members &  anybody who will listen about the abuse, sexual assaults in jails and prisons, the mental deterioration & wellbeing and the psychological Effects it has on the victims of rape , the spread of diseases (STDs) & the release of persons of interest that are predators into a community in staff meetings, meetings with congress members, radio & the internet he is involved in the community & volunteers anywhere they need his help and works to approve & educate America & new staff members in order to continue to stop predators inside the walls of these jails & prisons which are sometimes a rogue officer who will manipulate and prey on victims who are small, weak, vulnerable, transgender & especially the youngest of offenders. THEY ARE THE CHILDREN IN PRISON.


LEGISLATIVE HISTORY-S1435 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, VOL 149 (2003) July 21st considered passed House & Senate.

WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS Vol 39 (2003) Sept. 4th Presidential Statement.


National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP DOJ

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1428 23rd & N Ste. # 2 Galveston, Texas 77550

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