National Association of Distinguished Professionals Selects Jim W. Ferguson II as an Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Online Registry

HOUSTON TX –— Jim W. Ferguson II, Founder and Executive Director of National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d,OJP DOJ has been selected as an Honored Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals. The selection professionally recognizes Jim W. Ferguson II’s remarkable commitment to excellence in fields which include Corrections, Consulting, Investigations, Government Relations & Advocacy.

Earning his Paralegal degree in specialization in Civil Litigation. Major studies are Legal Research, Constitutional Law, Torts in 2007 at Blackstone Career Institute & Presently a Law Clerk at the Cortigene Law Firm in Galveston Texas.

Mr. Ferguson is a member of the State Bar of Texas (Paralegal Division), Member of the National Association of Legal Assistants, his training comes from the School of Hard Knocks & graduated with honors. Legal training comes from friend, legal coach former Watergate Attorney Doug Caddy, Ernest G. Caldwell, & Mentor Ray Hill.

Jim has education in Media, Producing, Journalism, Corrections is a registered Federal Consultant, Author, Minister & former staff member of KPFT 90.1 (Prison Show, Houston Texas).

Jim founded NCOC in August 2007 being concerned about family & the high rate of abuse, sexual assaults, denial of medical treatment, medications, compliance, makes recommendations, talking with corrections officials, submitting “Corrections Intelligence Reports” of his findings to Congressional Committees, (Senate/House of Representitives. He is a colleague of National Criminal Justice Reference Service which serves as the information clearinghouse for all of the bureaus of the Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice.

Highlight of his day is disputing & presenting evidence of corrections facilities with inappropriately high rates of abuse /sexual assaults  which effectively holds prison authorities accountable for failure to abide by Local, State & Federal Laws & (PREA Prison Rape Elimination Act ) guidelines that authorizes the U.S Attorney General to litigate against these state facilities.

Mr. Ferguson had this to say about the organization

“NCOC had numerous officers reprimanded, put on probation, or terminated, We have forced high ranking officials to retire or be charged with a crime, a majority of the investigations of offender complaints to agencies are against abusive, corrupt & violent officers that  kmnowingly break the law & if you think for one minute you are going get away with it, you got another thing coming, you will get caught & when you do we’ll be waiting for you! a committment & our promise to you.


Contact: National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP DOJ

Central Headquarters Region (1)

1428 23rd & N Ste. # 2 Galveston, Texas 77550

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