Our organization has a very strict administrative ( “Zero Tolerance” ) policy towards abuse of offenders. we do not tolerate hostile officials or officers/employees in the Dept. of Corrections in any state in the United States” we are very aggressive, but professional, we meet with Directors of these institutions when we are able, we primarily contact these officials such as wardens, and the chain of command and file a complaint against the said defendant or respondant who have violated the offenders federal protected constitutional protections, we are constantly evolving, we take training from the federal government, military & or civilian intelligence organizations.We initiate local,state & federal lawsuits, file informal & formal complaints against these Directors, Wardens, Majors, Captains, Sgts. or anyone in the line of fire, we obtain, collect dissiminate information/intelligence on Gang Activity (security threat groups) & Domestic Terrorism, we initiate transfers to secure locations if individuals have been assaulted, raped &/or filed a life endangerment’s.We assist in protecting former gang leaders and members. We contact institutional managers/directors, case workers, legislation and civilian organizations across the U.S. for a redress of complaints/grievances.We file legal memorandum’s, that are filed with the complaintant(s) file, We request the respondant to attempt to resolve the issues at hand, additionally we attempt to resolve every issue at every avenue possible, before a complaint is filed with the federal courts, we request remarks to be placed in the individuals file. We initiate mediation & Arbitration. Note; The Founder of NCOC is a former offender/rape survivor who was raped by a HIGH RANKING OFFICIAL (LT.) Mr. Jimmy Ferguson & his staff take webinars given by Just Detention International and NCOC staff consult with the Office of Justice Programs,U.S. Dept. of Justice,(Special Litigation Section/Civil Rights Division) U.S. Dept. of Defense (Domestic Terrorism Division) & is involved in collecting, obtaining Gang Intelligence Reports. Contact: (Jimmy Ferguson)Journalist & Producer at KPFT 90.1, 419 Lovett Blvd, Houston,Texas 77006 or Tel. 409-356-4148 Note: Associated w/Law Enforcement. If you have any information regarding abuse of a loved one incarcerated please do not hesitate to contact us OFFICE HRS 10:am-6:pm, Monday – Friday All Complaints must include [1]who, what,when,where,how and why [2](must be legible) Handwritten or typed [3] All complaints or information that concerns life endangerments will be processed within 24 hrs. and will be filed to the appropriate authority in a timely manner. We have a facebook,Tweeter, Google accounts & a Website “Warning” NCOC IS ASSOCITED WITH FEDERAL LAW ENFORCMENT. ANY INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING, FALSIFIED STATEMENTS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW Jim W. Ferguson II Founder/Executive Director

Source: National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d,DOJ – Community – Google+