Q. What kind of investigations are conducted by NCOC staff?

A.  Our staff conduct investigations concerning abuse, beatings, rapes, assaults, sexual assaults, life endangerments,( LIDs) gang renunciations.


Q.  How long are the investigations being conducted by staff?

A.  Accurate, thorough & complete investigations take thirty to fourty five days to six months depending on the seriousness of the situation. Some investigations have taken thirty days to two years.


Q. Has any of the staff at NCOC been a offender?

 A. YES, we have numerous staff members who have been offenders in multiple states, some have been in jail, state & federal prisons. some have had over 13o years convictions and took it back to court for a “reduction of sentence” which was approved or granted due to the punishment did not fit the crime.


Q. Does any staff member of NCOC have any legal training?

 A. The founder/Executive Director has 12 years legal education and is a legal assistant/paralegal and has numerous friends that are judges & lawyers and sometimes refers lawyers to our clients, depending on the situation.


Q. Do all staff members have criminal records.

 A. NO. We have staff all over the state & around the country who have never been arrested.