Investigators gather facts and examine evidence of crimes or civil rights violations committed at local, state and federal institutions. NCOC staff investigators report that the purpose of the investigation is to obtain information, document the facts and report the results to the Founder/Executive Director Jim W. Ferguson II for possible prosecution/ termination or the officer placed on probation or forced to retire. In order to perform an effective investigation, you must know the basic guidelines/procedures of the investigative process, you must obtain facts, hearsay is irrelevant in a court of law.. While types of cases may vary, the following procedures can be followed to help the prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt & confirm the burden of proof. 
  1. Gather Evidence
  2. obtain letters, offender statements, respondent statements & relevant information to the case.

                    Sec. ( I )

    1. A.Identify and locate suspects and perform criminal records/civil court,  (defendant of lawsuit) queries on all individuals of the investigation.

      NOTICE : After you identify the suspect, create an investigative strategy to prove the case.

    2. B.Collect all important evidence regarding the suspect’s culpability. Use this evidence to develop a timeline of the alleged crime/violation.

  1. Maintain confidentiality at all times do not discuss any active investigation with anyone

Contact Witnesses

  Sec.( II )

  1. 1.a.

    Interview anyone who has direct knowledge regarding the alleged crime/violation.

  2. 2.b.

    Take detailed notes of : who, what, when, where,  how, why

  3. 3.c.

    Avoid leading questions. Use free narrative to allow the offender to provide an account of the incident.


    Review unit file to confirm if the individual has any prior complaints, grievances or lawsuits filed against him/her if yes attach the documents to the present complaint.



 Perform Follow ups

        Sec. ( III )

  1. Monitor the suspect through correspondence. Have the offender file an affirmation of truth or notarize the complaint.

  2. Have the offender have other offenders monitor the individual & take notes regarding the individuals activities, including daily shifts & document the individuals association with staff.

  3. Have NCOC staff members provide reports of what information they obtained during the investigation, Have staff contact the investigator at Internal Affairs/Office of inspector General


Contact the respondent.

   Sec. ( IV )


  1. 1.a.Do not manipulate or antagonize the respondent!
  2. 2.b.Listen carefully to the respondent
  3. 3.c.answer any questions and speak slowly.
  4. 4.d.Always answer questions honestly and with sincerity.
    • 1st.5.e. Contact the Official /Officer who committed the crime/civil rights violation.,
    •  6.f .State to the individual has a complaint filed against him/her for a violation of criminal /civil law, state the specific violation/code.
  5. 7.g.Respectfully ask for his response to this allegation.
  6. 8.h. Advise the individual he is now under investigation & will be speaking to his supervisor, Warden, Internal Affairs/Office of Inspector General.

    3.C.If hostile threaten criminal charges, or a federal lawsuit or both.

  7. 4.D.Contact the Warden, Major,  or Captain about the violation and the individuals attitude/ or behaviour
  8. 5. E.Place complaint in file, obtain case # for file


 ******NOTICE******                                               ******NOTICE******                                                             ******NOTICE******  


  1. 6. F.Investigator’s must br Accurate, Concise & Thorough, there can be no mistakes in overlooking a clue which could come very beneficial to the Department prosecuting the individual.



  **** Request in assisting in the Prosecution****

   Sec. ( V )

9.A.Take the time to reacquaint yourself with the facts of the complaint.

  • 10.B.Study all reports and chronological order of events.
  • 11.C. Contact the DA in the appropriate jurisdiction
  •  12.D.Establish a rapport with the DA’s Office,develop a sense of trust. In many instances, this could help lead to assisting in a prosecution by the FBI/DOJ/Sheriffs /Police Office




Write A Report To Founder/Executive Director

 Sec. ( VI )

    1. 1.Document all investigative research performed, evidence obtained along with witness’s and interviews.

    2. 2.Proofread the report for accuracy prior to submitting it to the Founder/Executive Director
    3. 3.Report the facts of the investigation in the correspondence/ report and do not elaborate or make any conclusions yourself. Don’t use conjecture.