War is Coming to you, BE PREPARED !

   Our work will ring in the minds and ears of  “”The People””  for generations and centuries to come. As I write this I am sending out soldiers to battle an endless fight of corruption ,betrayal, conspiracies, beatings, sexual assaults, murder & wrongfully convicting the innocent in Americas kangaroo Courts & outright lies, all this plagues our nation and undermines our democracy & violates our Constitution & established Administrative Policies, Rules & Regulations, & not to mention the millions of dollars spent on prosecuting & defending these violations. 

Our soldiers fight long, hard & ferocious battles, showing no mercy as the perpetrators have shown no mercy to others who have been hurt by them. Our soldiers are like machines they DO NOT stop, they are not scared of anyone or anything.( I have personally trained them for almost every situation they will confront)

Our soldiers diligently fight heartless people with no souls and take “HOPE” from the weak, helpless, hopeless & the vulnerable. They do not care about the “value of life” they beat, rape our loved ones, our children, our mothers,fathers,brother, sisters,  daughters, aunts,uncles and our friends. These are human beings with feelings, emotions, they laugh, cry, love & they have families, Since the birth of this organization I took a oath, to help every inmate & their families I can till the last breath I take. Today I still live by that oath which is the code of the five pointed star, below when you read it, you will then understand what I mean.

I care way too damn much to sit by and just let things take their course, In the Historical lawsuit Ruiz vs. Estelle  was the biggest federal lawsuit in prison history 30 years long.This completely changed the entire system ,some good, some bad. In this change legislation now authorizes the advocacy organizations to enter the prisons, complain, voice their concern to the corrections committee, who will listen to the concerns of the public. I have met with these officials, filed thousands upon thousands of formal & informal complaints, appeals, affidavits, petitions & pleadings.

I am very well known with Congress Members & the Local Authorities. I will continue to argue the case’s of offender “safety, security & their well being” additionally I will continue to assist in the enforcement of the “Safe Prison” initiative at all costs.

My father Jimmy Appleman was deeply involved in this lawsuit Ruiz Vs. Estelle. He “Officially Testified”,then  was retaliated on so many times and so many ways that he got to know Judge William Wayne Justice in a very familiar way. His writ work was very good and he made examples out of many officials, I am following in my fathers footprints but i do it in a very differant approach, I meet with my Congressman/legislatures,I have testified in front of policy makers. I meet with Directors of Prison Institutions,Agents in a majority of the Federal Agencies, I contact the Investigators from the Attorney Generals Office, Office of Inspector Generals, Prison Officers,Officials,Wardens,Majors,Captains , leutinents, Seargents & CEOs, Founders, Staff & Administrators in a wide array of agencies & organizations. Knowing what I know is why i dont have a sense of humor

I contact /consult to the Civil Rights Department, Special Litigation Section, Terrorism Division of the United States Department of Justice. I network and connect myself to powerful people who are very well known in Washington DC , Texas & around the country in prison advocacy, like Ray Hill who helped found KPFT 90.1.Pacifica Foundation, The Prison Show in Houston Texas,who helped put Annise Parker the Mayor of Houston, Texas in the Mayors Office. I was personally trained  (because I listened to him)& mentored by him for many years. I am who I am today all because of my very close friend Ray Hill,  I am also one of many Producers there at KPFT 90.1, I am also a Investigating Journalist,Certified Legal Assistant/Paralegal/Consultant to the U.S. Federal Government & I mentor youth that are at-risk/high risk, some are confined others are in the community.

Corrupt guards & officials kill the innocent because they know too much or have talked.  they harass & torture the elderly  because they are slow or don’t move fast enough. Our soldiers have witnessed devastation in their own lives, mothers /fathers addicted to crack,methanphetimenes, cocaine or marijuana,  sisters who commit prostitution because they can’t  feed their babies, fathers/brothers are active gang members &/or were murdered in a gang war/or brother who was murdered in prison and of course families on welfare &/or disability which is just pocket change, nobody can  live on that !!!

We know all too much what is going on inside these  prisons which are called the iron curtains. I once was there and this was where the birth of NCOC was made. Inside Administrative Segregation for being a threat to the safety and security of staff and offenders, In our organization we meet with all sorts of people , officials at the local, state & federal levels, for the last seven years I have been building this organization, meeting high-profile people, maintaining sponsorship, fundraising, investing in this organizations future and getting the right people involved in what we believe in, which is helping the helpless , giving people “hope” because everybody needs hope, maintaining balance  & order, securing the protection of young gang members who want out, initiating transfers for offenders who have been beaten, assaulted &/or raped by an inmate or a guard.

In our organization we build their confidence, uplift them, mentor & groom them for their future, we educate them, open their minds, connect them and train them to be warriors & leaders unlike any other “EVER”  in the history of advocacy. We take training from numerous agencies and organizations such as the military, local, state and the U.S. Federal Government, universities, we take weekly webinars from Just Detention International, we speak to the media and discuss issues that offenders and inmates families & friends need to hear, we introduce very important people who run this country to our staff , because not only is it what you know, it’s who you know, that is fact and I will attest to that !

If you believe in helping people who have nothing and have no hope in life, but you want to give them just a shimmer of light & hope, because you hate violence, senseless murders, conspiracies or you just want to help children in prison, our organization is the one you need to join, we are very strict with a  “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy,what this means is that we do not tolerate hostile officials or officers nor do we tolerate ignorance or stupidity, especially insubordination.

So if you believe in yourself and believe what we do is right and you want to be involved and want to live by the “Code of Honor” of the five point star which is TRUST,  RESPECT, UNITY, TRUTH, HONOR the first letter of every word spells what this organization was founded & believes on. It is the inner core of our mission, which is the truth,what ever is in the dark, will  be surrounded by the light, all the lies, conspiracies, chaos & utter bullshit will be exposed. So before I close this letter remember a few things about us that will always make us stand out & define us from any other organization in the United States & even the World.

(1) We are an ELITE organization,

(2) We are ready to die for what we believe in !

(3) The present has no limits, YOU can do anything!!!

(4) Look at your hand, feel it in your heart, do you feel that power???

(5) Speak it, present it, only you can make it happen, ( just do it ) only you are living your life. 

(6) Let the haters be your motivators

(7) Don’t let anyone take your dreams from you.

(7) You are never too old to start again or something new

(8) You have come to far to give up who you are.

(9) Serve Vengeance & Justice on the same silver platter

(10) We are Headstrong & very stubborn, we will put you under investigation in a heartbeat, we will use your own rules against you to convict, prosecute you, that is our promise to you who lie and hurt people.

 we do this all day long 365 days a year, 10-15 hours a day, we do not tolerate  Corrections Officers who abuse the weak,helpless,hopeless and vulnerable, when an individual manipulates someone like that, it says alot about their character & mentality, preying upon weak minded people & using  gangs to have them do your dirty work to help you get revenge is “out of character ” AND WE DO NOT TOLERATE THESE ACTIONS OR  ABUSIVE OFFICIALS WHO CURSE OR WHO ARE DISRESPECTFUL OR INSUBORDINATE.

DO YOU STILL THINK YOU CAN BEAT US?? !!  Think again!! you have already lost & didn’t even know it.

We will train you for free, that is our gift to you!!!