Knowing what our government  is up to is the very first step ensuring that the government respects & adheres to our civil liberties as citizens to the U.S. transparency is extremely important due to any given day our government is daily modifying technology.( ALL  NCOC Staff /members are trained in consulting with our government , some staff  members have worked as interns in the government ), We are very very dedicated to training our staff, their families, friends  or others at no cost to the individual its is just knoweledge  and that is  power that can not be taken from you  & it is the most precious  and most powerfull than a nuclear bomb. A smart educated, citizen is very dangerous , NCOC staff are trained monthly in  Prisoner Advocacy government tactics, Foia Requests at all level of the government. The FOIA  Acts/Requests  gives every american a right to know what the government is doing and can monitor the individuals selection of government.We have found that knowing is highly important in the event that someone in our family or a friend is wrongly convicted or mislabeled as a terrorist or NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT GROUP OR GANG MEMBER .There  are millions upon millions of secretly hidden documents that the govt. does not want the public to know about, due to a panic may come about. Here at NCOC  we are very big on free speech and questioning our govt on how they use our taxes,  and other issues that will be discussed in the future.NCOC staff  conduct  legal research, general issue research, and we view thousands of documents  (WE WILL CONTINUE TO FILE FORMAL FOIA REQUESTS UNTIL WE ARE SATISFIED,  BUT TO SOME OF OUR STAFF THEY ARE NEVER SATISFIED. THESE ARE THE STAFF WHO CONSTANTLY CALL ME WANTIN G TO KNOW THINGS ABOUT OUR GOVERNMENT, ) If we let members of our government undermine civil liberties our nation will fall as Rome did.