National Corrections Oversight Coalition Partners with Homeland Security to promote the National Effort for the Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

September 7, 2016 
Top Quote Our Nation’s Infrastructure is highly critical, as American Citizens of this great nation we all must be Aware of the Risks of manmade events & natural disasters. End Quote
QuoteTogether working toward a common interest to maintain institution security, offender safety under the rule of law.Quote
  • National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP DOJ Partners with Homeland Security promoting our Nations Critical Infrastructure and Security
  • November is Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience month. NCOC has made a commitment with DHS to participate in the Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Awareness Program and Training to focus on the importance our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure and the responsibility to keep our Critical Infrastructure, our citizens, our communities secure and resilient. 
  • Public and Private partnerships leverage our shared commitment by Identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating risks through “Protective Programs and Training“. 
  • Mr. Jim W. Ferguson Founder and Executive Director tells the public that “This commitment between DHS and NCOC will be a lifelong commitment, because we never know when a disaster will strike and being on the forefront of “Corrections Intelligence” and getting the right information to the right people in a timely manner is highly critical to our Nation’s Security and the protection of its citizens and let every American remember our fallen who gave their lives and because of them we move on”. 
  • We rely on our Nation’s critical infrastructure on how we travel, communicate with family, friends and coworkers, conduct business with our financial institutions, conduct important daily functions and Government operations. Managing risks to the Critical Infrastructure involves preparing for all Hazards including natural incidents and manmade events such as terrorism, gang violence and staying ever more vigilant, enlightened and aware of your surroundings. 
  • America’s infrastructure is highly interconnected with networks, other cyber support to essential support systems. CISR Month highlights the importance of both physical and cyber aspects of critical infrastructure as a National Priority that requires public and private partnership and at all levels of government and industry. 
  • Just as we rely on critical infrastructure, every American plays a role in keeping our nation strong, secure and resilient. National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP DOJ plays a vital role in assisting the government by collecting information within the corrections systems in the United States.For more information please contact Jim W. Ferguson II or visit or resilence-month.





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