An Introduction to Public Affairs

The mission of NCOC Office of Public Affairs is to create and improve a positive, healthy and sustainable business environment for our staff,  inform offender families,friends  & The Public about NCOC

We do so by:

  • educating key members of the board, assist in releasing low-risk offenders who have a terminal illness and do not have much longer to live, releasing the elderly,training officials about mental illness, offender drug addiction,  talk about the value of integrity, hard work & persistence. Eliminate all the prisons who profit from inmate labor, advancing investigations in a organization, violations of civil law, criminal law, corruption, conspirances with officers, gaurds. Falsificatiuon of Govt Records, Forcing officials to retire when charged with a criminal charge, stopping the school to prisons.
  • advocating support for death row offenders. researching innovative solutions to advance staff and contributing positively to the Knowledge Society.
  • acting with integrity and honesty in investigations,the importance of record keeping  fulfilling our role in the dissemination and discovery of new information,

We created a Public Affairs Committee to discuss government relations, strategy, and policy communications issues and provide advice and recommendations on these matters as appropriate to the Board and/or Executive Director. The Committee reviews ways in which it might help define the message we send to key sponsors about the corrections industry and its role in access to the Jails & Prison System  dissemination, and preservation of information nationwide.

What do I get from NCOC OPA: What we do

Public Affairs

Advocating for offenders is a very important job, the public must know what to expect from returning offenders to their community.

Promoting awareness about long extended periods of incarceration, at-risk offenders vulnerable offenders, safekeeping.

Advocacy, Advisory & toolkit training


During a meeting  at NCOC the Board which are the “Heads of House” will  adopt new policies. All Board members are required to vote.

Check out NCOC’s  VIDEOS
Networking Knowledge: The world of NCOC is all around you !
Networking Knowledge: It’s all about discoverability in any way possible.

The videos explain how corrections, gangs, staff procedures & communications, dissemination, discovery, and evaluations. The videos are self-explainatory

*More in the toolkit – a handout NCOC facts about abusive/corrupt officers, wardens etc,etc.

We have developed a set of INFORMATION & GUIDANCE, THE RULES & REGULATIONS to help members know what  to do and what NCOC is  involved in

NCOC has  organized a workshop helping our members deliver positive attitudes, messages about the value of integrity & hard work

Recent Actions

NCOC was recentlymentioned in the book “from a dime to priceless” page 177


  • Influence “Open Access” infortmation/policies
  • Direct engagement with PREA Commission/U.S. Department of Justice/All corrections facilities nationwide.
  • Raising profiles of  Staff Activities Re-evaluating Investigators credentials
  • Researching law Library  & research Prisons in poor communities
  • Providing  evidence of the effects of systematic Institutionalization & The Criminal Justice system

Upcoming Events

KPFT 90.1 The Founder/Executive Director Jimmy Ferguson II ON specific dates will be discussing issues on a wide variety concerning corrections, conspirancies, corruption (the big Cs) Tune in to 90.1 on  www.KPFT.ORG  friday s at 9 pm