Individuals placed on this list have had serious multiple civil and criminal human rights violations. Investigations were conducted and found serious criminal violations such as gross negligence and the wanton and reckless disregard of human life.

  • **Sgt Hughes/Polunsky Unit 2009 Assaulted JAMES PHARIS
  • **Lt Luna/Polunsky Unit 2009 Assisted Sgt Hughes Assault.
  • Warden O’hare/Wynne Unit 2009 Lies/Conspiracy cover up.
  • Major Watson/Wynne Unit 2009 Lies/Conspiracy cover up
  • Removed.
  • Jamie Williams/Wynne Unit Medical 2009 Medical Malpractice,Gross Medical Negligence\
  • **PA Aschberger/Wynne Unit Medical 2009 Medical Malpractice, Gross Medical Negligence.
  • **Doctor Khoshdel/Wynne Unit Medical 2009 Medical Malpractice, Gross Medical Negligence
  • Major Fischer/Eastham Unit Retaliation 2009
  • **Captain English/Retaliation with disciplinary process 2009 Falsification of a govt document Texas Penal Code 37.10 [forced to retire]
  • Warden Castillo Estelle Unit 2009 Lies/Conspiracy cover up
  • Dr July 2011/Medical Negligence against Jimmy Appleman

8 thoughts on “Corrections Officers/Employees Worst Offenders List

  1. i was just released from the hobby unit this year and not all but a great majority of the guards are very corrupt even one of the “safe prisons” officers bragged that she deliberately wrote cases against inmates that would keep them from going home. A guard named ms.truesdale now mrs willis told a group of inmates while she was pregnant i will risk my unborn child just to make sure none of yall hoes go home.The biggest animals i met were by far the guards they beat up a lady that was trying to tell them she wasnt doing good mentally guards on numerous occasions observed inmates fighting and sat at the tables in the dayroom pumping the inmates up and laughing they put two people back in a cell together after they had problems knowing one was going to get beat up and laughed about it. Now about the living conditions every summer that i was there we had a boil water notice but those of us who were housed in cells once locked in had no choice but to drink the contaminated water. We had periods of time that we were stuck in the cells and had no water to flush the toilets There are worms in the shower area oh and i spent two years there with no heat on the side of the dorm i lived in without even so much as an extra blanket. I have a condition called angioedema it causes my lips tongue and face to swell due to allergies i went to an officer an asked to be sent to medical it just so happened to be a caring officer she called medical and told them that i needed to see them because my lips and tongue were swelling more by the minute. The officer came back and said im sorry medical said you have to drop a sick call the officer of all people said they know they are wrong for that s#!t. The news comes to hobby and somehow they always manage to lie and convince the public that whatever problem the news was called about isnt as bad as it really is. I promise as God is my witness at least 90 percent of the guards at Hobby are either mentally physically verbally and or emotionally abusive toward the inmates with 0 provocation just because they can get away with it and they know they can.


  2. As a person who spent six years on the hobby unit,I am truly blessed to have come out of that situation with no visual scars. While I will not say that the whole place is corrupt…it could use a unbiased investigation. The water was not the only problem that arose during my incarceration. .but when it did, rusty water was brought in for us to drink. Then the roaches in our food , or running and falling from the ceiling onto our trays.Or how about the punishment one would receive for filing a grievance. Or the commissary not allowing store to certain buildings for said grievances .There were and still are some good officers there, but they can not stand against other officers without repercussions of their own. Too much wrong there to write here….

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    1. Mrs. Sanchez, Hello thank you for your Iresponse Corrections is a very dirty word to the public, individuals like you are the ones who make a differance by telling their stories, i strongly urge you to writev about time in prison, we can learn about so much please if you would you contact me, at please tell your story and i woulkd l;ike put it on the front page of our website thank you…… jim


  3. What about all the shit the prisoners did to society that got them incarcerated and that they continue to do while in prison such as throw feces and sperm on officers make shanks and stab each other and officers have to jump in and save a life a life of a killer child molester or rapist what about that most comments made here are by people that want there loved ones out of prison to do this again maybe to you or one of yours but they don’t care I have seen children forced to go see there molester in prison once they turn 18 because mom is still married to there so called loving father maybe a little to loving I have seen inmates maturbate on children at visitation and people don’t care they focus on my poor inmate he’s been treated so bad ask him why did he try to rape someone and was forced to stop because I’m sorry ladies but those big macho men you see was cuddling up to another man I’ve seen it so god placed awesome people to have hearts strong enough to take care of this trash that I would rather see wiped away and I am god fearing christian and try to
    protect our children from these monsters you love


  4. I am completely appalled at the way the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is treating our own American people. Never would I have thought that we would have undrinkable water in a prison (Marlin Unit) and force the incarcerated to drink it. Shame on Texas for this treasonous act against humanity and Americans. My best friend is in Marlin Unit and I have had to call up there twice in order to get her medical attention. The nurses there should be fired and never practice medicine again for violating their own code of ethics for which they are sworn to uphold. Not everyone is perfect and we all make mistakes from time to time but since when is having a drug use problem a crime punishable with measures far worse than substance abuse. We the people allow them to possess the staff of God and we allow them to abuse that power without any recourse…….we only allow it because it is happening to someone else that we deem to be a bad person and is not happening to us the people. Take a step back and take a good hard look at all this……who is really the bad person……I cant help but know for fact that the bad person is us the people which stand back and watch all this with our cold eyes of judgment and disregard for compassion. Today I am ashamed to be an American and worse than that I am ashamed to be called a Texan……shame on us Texas.

    Proverbs 25:21 If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink:

    Matthew 5:44
    But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you;


  5. In 2011, Warden Knox of Hobby Unit in Marlin, Tx. was charged with Accessory to Murder. She was later acquitted and retired peacefully. We were all hoping she would get thrown into her own prison that she was corrupting! It would’ve served her right!


  6. This should be no surprise to anyone, I wish you would print all the garbage from every state, because it sure would wake people up to what really goes on behind those bars.



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