Getting involved in a organization as this one takes alot of responsibility, hard work, persistence & dedication that will one day pay off. You will one day get a phone call in the early morning or afternoon thanking you for helping a young man or woman who was beaten, raped and left for dead until staff found them in their cell or on the recreation yard, this happens everyday.We want you to know that we care about our volunteers (a majority of our staff are offenders family member’s. We are like a big family,  we work hard & play hard) they are the ones who make us differant & unique  from any other organization in the country or even in the world,!!!

We stand out & alone when it comes to our record of victory’s & accomplishments.  We have worked very,very hard  as you can see we push the paperwork so tough that I know we leave a bad taste in  officials mouth when they hear about NCOC, how we have done it again!

(Operation Takedown &, Operation Retribution) are ACTIVE & ONGOING, once we have collected enough evidence, affidavits, letter complaints, offender statements, investigators personal remarks. Some federal investigations have lasted for years, others have lasted  30-60 days, we will fax the entire  PDF file to the United States Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security &/or the appropriate official & department.

We want you to know what we are going to do with these complaints we recieve, we are going to push it to the edge so far we will have it put on every major news website, we will post everywhere, we will tell anyone who will listen, we will “media poll” it will be discussed on the airwaves,  we will pay to put it on  each & every corrections website in the country, we will make it go viral, they will be used as an example for the world to see. These complaints are what keep us going, without them we would be doing nothing but sitting around. Paperwork,Using & knowing the law is the key to getting Justice,(IN OUR TRAINING YOU WILL LEARN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ADVOCACY).  We will teach you about mandatory Follow ups, follow ups confirm the investigation & who is conducting it at our level , the state level,  the federal level  it also lets individuals know we have things being looked into, to get your desired effect  you must push, and push and push it to the brink, where it cannot do anything except stare at the defendant/respondant’s face knowing they have to explain their actions in a court  of law, or they now know they are being charged with a crime, we want to assure you  these complaints are put in the perpetrators file for future referance.

We will train  you to  file in the appropriate jurisdiction, to the right person and the right division, with the right document. Mistakes cannot be made ,mistakes take time to fix and time  “we do not have” , some poor soul or child in prison just got sold to the gangs as property from some bet  someone made and what they are going to do is take turns raping him or beat him until he is unconcious, till this person catches AIDS, SYPHILLIS, GONNAHREA or some std and will probably die with it. this is VERY SAD, BUT VERY TRUE,

I have witnessed this with my very own eyes, the screams, crying in pain and the look of this person when its all over, the shame, embarrassment, anger, hurt  and the betrayl all this is something we aim to stop,  the more people know about us, the better. People are getting to know us, “we are very serious and do not play games especially with peoples lives”.!!